Forever Young Festival- First Single Use Plastic Free Festival In Ireland! July 5th-7th Palmerstown House Estate, Naas, Co Kildare.

Forever Young Festival


Not JUST the first incredible Irish 3 day 80’s party festival- featuring 27 original 80’s icons

But an event with a purpose, to save lives

AND the first single use plastic free festival in Ireland with a strong eco message



Music for Animal Welfare is the brainchild of Dr Sharon Alston, a vet with a mission. The aim of launching this extravaganza of retro music magic, is to provide a flagship fundraiser, with long term profits being used- in partnership with the ISPCA- to provide increased funding and focus to animal welfare in Ireland.

Forever Young Festival has the aim of being THE event for those of a certain age, a high end, hedonistic event, reliving your youth, in a luxurious setting, with all the trimmings. This event hopes to not only save animal lives, but is also set to raise awareness of the real crisis created by the single use/ disposable mentality that is threatening the world we pass to our children. No single use plastics are allowed at the event, no flimsy one use drinks cups or food cartons. Only reusable and recyclable materials are permitted on site for food and drinks, water is available in biodegradable plant based bottles, pints are served in reusable durable (and recycled) beakers.

100% recyclable cardboard tents are pitching up at festivals in a bid to make them more eco-friendlySturdy but recyclable cardboard KAR tents are available free on the eco package (yes they can take 3 days of rain!!) erected ready for you on arrival, decorate for fun and individuality, recycled when you leave. 


Forever Young festival promises to be a prominent yearly addition to the live music, festival scene in Ireland, but the profits from the event will provide life saving treatment for animals in desperate welfare situations, and the long term aim of the venture is to restructure animal welfare in Ireland- not only do you get the best fun weekend ever, you will see your ticket purchase benefiting desperate and abused dogs, cats and horses across Ireland.


Thank you


Dr Sharon Alston

Music for Animal Welfare/ Animal Welfare and Vetcare Ireland  08760 53793

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