Fairview March Anniversary.

Hosted by Dublin LGBTQ Pride:


Fairview Public Park, Dublin.


Monday 19th March 2018 from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.


This June, we mark the 35th anniversary of the first Dublin Pride Parade and will celebrate every victory and success we’ve had in those 35 years. The thing is, every victory comes at a cost and success is often built on loss.

Before we marched in celebration 35 years ago, we first marched in anger. Angry that a gay man called Declan Flynn had been murdered in Fairview Park, angry that a judge released his murderers and angry that violence and discrimination in our community was experienced on a daily basis.

Monday March 19th is the 35th anniversary of that protest march to Fairview Park and before we celebrate 35 years of the Dublin Pride Parade, we’re going back to where it started, to the spot in Fairview Park that we as a community decided that we would not be afraid or invisible anymore.

Join us at 3pm on Monday March 19th in Fairview Park to remember Declan Flynn and every person we have lost along our march for equality. Before we celebrate our victories, we mourn our losses.

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