Dublin Pride 2018 A Roaring Success As Up To 60,000 Turn Up To Celebrate This Special Event.

On Saturday 30th June 2018 the annual Dublin Pride Parade took place. Starting on St Stephen’s Green this year theme was We Are Family and by god what a turn out. Thousands upon thousands of people from all walks of life and nationalizes from all around the world marched together in harmony to celebrate this very special event.

On the stage area in St Stephen’s Green we had some speeches and entertainment and they included:

DJ Kate Brennan Harding:

Bunny & Phil T Gorgeous:

Jicksaw Reps: Abigail & Maria:

Pieta House Rep: Brian Higgins:

Act Up Rep: Daniele:

Shout Out Rep: Caroline:

(L.G.B.T.Q) Rep: Paula Fagan:

Belong To Rep: A: Smyth:

Senator David Norris:

Buleiani Mfaco:

Bi Ireland Rep: Sharon Nolan:

Sadbbh Murphy:

(L.G.B.T.Q): Adam Long:

The Parade left St Stephen’s Green at about 2:05pm with the three main cars in the float been sponsored by Linders Renault Of Chaplelizod Road here in Dublin. In the car leading the parade we had Sara Philips who was this years grand marshall for the parade and Sara was one of the three passengers been driven by Paul Linders in their lovely open soft top Renault Captur. The parade was also well attended by a big convoy of float’s , buses, and thousands off people marching along.

The parade was escorted by members of An Garda Siochana, with the Irish Civil Defense marching band leading the parade and security personal, marshalls drafted in especially for this event.

For route info look at the map below:

As we walked down all the main and side streets we where all greeted by thousands of people with their pride banners and flags waving the parade on. When you looked back down at the route we just taken all you could see was thousands of people still marching behind with their flags, balloons, etc It took about 40 Mins to do the full parade route which ended up in Smithfield Square here in the Dublin 7 area. Once we arrived the party started we had great entertainment from speeches, drag queen acts, singers, rappers, presenters. It was just a great day and everyone who was there really had a ball the crowd was just totally amazing you could feel their energy the place was rocking. Reports that were coming in of the size of the crowd was a very impressing size of up to 60,000 people.

We had various speakers on the stage here are some of them:

Sinn Fein President: Mary Lou McDonald.

Ex President of Ireland: Mary McAleese:

Some of the acts:

The Villa Music:

Phil T Gorgeous & Bunny:

Irish Defense Army Band:

Lisa & Vanessa: Sign Readers:

The Glorious Sparkle:

Eddie McGuinness:

Paul Ryder:

Ryan O’Shaughnessy & Band:


Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide is working of a stage list and if we have missed anyone in the credits we apologize.

TheĀ  Dublin pride parade yesterday was a great day out for everyone and with the recent heatwave and just like last years event there were plenty bottles of free bottles been handed around along with fruit donated by Tesco Ireland . There where also various business who had pop up tents in Smithfield giving out free goodie bags, bangles, whistles, flags, and condoms.

All you could see when you looked out off the stage were thousands of people with their pride colors been very proud all 60,000 off them to be exact.

(PB) Would like to thank everyone who was involved with this event for their hospitality towards us & thanks to Craig Anderson for representing (PB) Yesterday.

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Here is a list of supporters who made this event possible:





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