Dublin Family face been evicted from their rented house in Crumlin Dublin City

A family with two young children have been issued with a letter to vacate their home after a dispute with their landlord. Eve Bracken and her partner and their two young children have been living at this address for the past five years paying a whopping €1,350.00 per month. The house in Crumlin a settled area is only a two bedroom house two up and two down and is in recent times has fallen into despair with the lack of maintenance alleges the young mother.

When Prime Bling (PB) Your Favorite On Line Digital Entertainment Guide, Called up to this young family we were shown around this house and several problems were pointed out including issues with the heating system. Eve also alleges that there was a gas leak in her home three times and the very recent one saw her two children been hospitalized in nearby children’s hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning fumes.

Eve also stated that when she contacted her landlords with any problems the landlord would tell her if she wasn’t careful that she will bring in foreign tenants who would allegedly pay double for the house. As well with gas leaks there are several other issues with dampness, no air vents,  gas pipes disconnected and no form of protection of any type of sealers on them. There is a hole in the wall behind the TV so big that the family have to stick personal clothing in the wall to stop the breeze coming through. When Eve first moved in she alleges that the landlord told her not to light the gas fire in the sitting room as there may be a problem.

Eve has been in contact with the (P.R.T.B ) Private Resident Tenancies Board and the (DCC) Dublin City Council over the past few months and can not thank them enough for their input in this case. Only very recently that a member of the council came out to inspect the house and was informed the family that there current living standards was worse than anything he has ever seen.

Also its alleged that two days after her daughters got out of hospital Eve gave the landlord €1,558.00 in cash for rent this was then followed by a letter that came in the post asking Eve and her family to vacate the house due to and underpayment of €182.00 Which the landlord states that Eve and her family owe. Prime Bling (PB) Has seen letters that support this claim and a copy of a receipt that was issued for the sum of €1,558.00. Eve maintains she does not owe any rent arrears and can not understand where this sum of €182.00 Came from. The letter that Eve got in the post requesting her to vacate the house looked like someone just typed the letter and signed it.

The local community and neighbors have been offering their support and people have been turning up all through out the day and in some cases since 9.am. Local Councilor’s have also been engaged in this case Pat Dunne and eirigi councilor Damian Farrell.

Eve alleges that at 1.pm A Garda Car with three Gardai personal pulled up outside her drive way and the one in the back of the car an Garda Inspector told Eve to get the people out from her garden and that the people who are there are a unsavory bunch. While Prime Bling (PB) Was up there today a Garda car drove past the house at 3.25 pm but did not stop or engage with anyone in or outside the garden.

Image Credit: Prime Bling.

Before this article went up for digital publication we have received some news that the treat of been evicted is been lifted temporary by the landlord’s a husband & wife team.

Prime Bling (PB) Will keep you updated with this case as it happens.


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