Candle Light Vigil A Big Success In Dublin And Longford.

It’s Monday 12th February 2018, It’s a little past 6:pm and its a very cold evening. Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide is outside the children’s hospital in Crumlin, here in Dublin. We are here to attend a candle light vigil in support of what is known as for those who are suffering in our health services.

This event was originally posted on (PB) Blog page and the host of this event include a mum who’s 15 Year Old Daughter is a patient in this hospital.

Hazel Robinson, is the mother to this sick 15 year old child and Hazel, is one of the organizers who along with another lady Emma McGlynn, Organized this event. Around 35 to 40 people turned up to support this candle light vigil. I got talking to some of these people who came from all back grounds in life.

Breda Sargent, was one of these people a local lady on seeing the vigil been posted around her social media pages had to turn up and support this event with her husband Jim who is in a wheelchair.

Another local lady Rose Crow Lynch, also came to support the vigil with her friend after she received an invite through her face book page. Rose went on to say she thinks that the waiting lists in hospitals are very bad and need to be addressed. Rose also stressed that she thinks the whole health system in Ireland is ran very bad. Rose herself had a very bad experience when she had a problem with one of her eyes. She went on to say she was waiting 18 months for an appointment in the end she attended the eye and ear hospital to address it.

There was a few political figures at this event to offer support in solidarity and they included (TD) Joan Collins, Councillors Paul Hand, and (SF) Senatar Marie Divine.

(PB) Also spoke with Hazel Robinson and where her daughter is now with her treatment. Hazel went on to say that her daughter actually stressed herself out before coming to the hospital she was fretting about whether or not she would get a hospital bed, how long would she have to wait in the A+E. Her daughter was given a room firstly that did not suit her requirements, and or needs. There was no toilets in the room. Hazel went on to say she contacted the press and they contacted the hospital and before Hazel and her daughter knew it they where given a new room that did suit her daughters needs.

Hazel, went on to say because of her daughters medical complaint its very important that to ensure her daughter does not pick up any infections as her lungs are already fragile as hospitals and A+E’s are very dangerous for picking up infections. Hazel is very hopeful that she and her daughter can return home in the next couple of days. Hazel and her daughter are anxious to get back home to Longford, to be united with the rest of her family. Hazel also went on to say that she and her daughter have been in Dublin for almost a week now.

(PB) also asked Hazel, what she thought about the crowd of people who turned up to support the candlelight vigil, I’m actually delighted by the response and cannot not thank these people who despite it been a very cold evening came out to support this event.

Hazel went on to say that there was another candlelight vigil happening in solidarity with the Dublin one, and it happened at the same time, Outside the (G.P.O) General Post Office in Longford.

There wasn’t any press activity outside the hospital in Crumlin but there was a local radio station presenter from Near F.M on hand.

It was clear from everyone who (PB) Spoke to about the health services in modern Ireland had a very strong message to the Irish health minster Simon Harris, Change the existing system it does not work.

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Image Credit: Prime Bling.


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