Can Irish Police Force An Garda Siochanna be Trusted To do their Duties

An Garda Siochanna ( Irish Police Force, have been in the media spotlight a lot in recent times here in Ireland. Their recent spotlight like previous stories has not done the force any justice. This time around we are focusing in on what is known here in Ireland as the Jobstown 27 and the trial.

As you may recall that up to seven men including TD Paul Murphy, Where found not guiltily in a court in Dublin City over the allege kidnapping, and or false imprisonment of the then leader of the Labor Party Joan Burton and her then assistant Karen O’Connell, almost three years ago.

Joan Burton and her assistant Karen O’Connell, where blocked in at a water protest in Jobstown, In an area known as Tallaght, here in Dublin in November of 2014.

This case involving seven men from the Tallaght area of Dublin had been ongoing for a little over two months in the criminal courts of Justice, before they were all found not guilty last Thursday week.

The very recent case involving some of the suspects the seven men from Tallaght ran for over nine weeks with costs of the legal bill to be in the Millions of Euros. Most people here in Ireland feel that this case should have not went the way it did, Or should it even made it to a case.

Dubbed as a media circus here in Ireland the Jobstown 27 is still on going with more allege suspects up for trial in the next couple of weeks.


Irish leader An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, went on national Irish Television during the week and confirmed that the handling of the Garda involvement was not credited in this case however Mr Varadkar went on to say that should there be a inquiry into this case that Senior Gardai and the Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan would be able to facilitate this and no public inquiry should be permitted.

Mr Varadkar went on to say, While he did not think a public inquiry was warranted, he believes that these issues need to be looked at.


Another Party Leader Micheal Martin of (FF) Fianna Fail, Thinks Mr Varadkar, is been unfair with his comments about the Gardai and the Jobstown Case.

One of the accused TD Paul Murphy, has called for a public inquiry into the Garda’s involvement, and or handling of this case.

Its getting to the stage here in Ireland that can we trust our Gardai and their actions when they cannot support their own admissions in court?  

Its not only in the courtroom that there is drama. 

I mean we have had phantom drink driving figures, There was also the fund scandal in Templemore, Training College, ( Irish Police Training College) And also we have the the Whistle blowing cases of John Wilson and Maurice McCabe both are still serving active members in the Gardai Siochanna Force.

Maurice McCabe, has alleged he has had a very negative smear case against him by senior, and or active members in the force. These cases are is still going on.

Look what they tried to do with this man and he is one of their colleagues.

Can we really trust our Gardai to their jobs?


Can we trust the Senior Gardai and the commissioner to look into this case and address it  publicity and properly?

How will we ever get to the end of this case if Gardai are investigating Gardai?

Can we really trust the Garda to do their duties??



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  1. We are a Married Couple in Our Late Sixties who have Worked and Paid Our Way all Our Lives. Things are going from Bad to Worse in Our Country. Years ago it was Great. If you Phoned the Gardai they would Respond really Quickly. In Two of Our Locall Church’s the Shrines were Vandalised and Robbed. Gardai were informed on a Thursday and still had not Responded by that Sunday.The Garda Station is about Five Minutes from the Church’s. There are Three Culprits involved and have been seen by Several People. Yet no Arrests have been made. We used to have Really Great Confidence in Our Garda. But alas that has gone. We Live in Dublin 15 which is Grossly Over Populated. Sometimes we Imagine that we are in Some Strange Country and not in Ireland at All. We see Thousands of Strange People and we do say. Where did All these People come from. We had a Spate of House Robberies some time ago. Don’t know if any one was ever Caught. We would Dearly Love to Leave this Place. But we are to Old now. We will just have to Exist and Suffer in Our Silence. No Point saying Anything. We would probably end up being Targeted as Racists. Anyone can just Walk in to Our Country and put Our Lives at Risk and Nothing is Done. The Gardai Nine times out of Ten Don’t even Know that theze People are in the Country. Yet when Some is said about a Government Minister. The Gardai are Dispatched to Admonish that Person. We are Living what is now Bordering on a Dictatorship. Men and Women died for to give us a Free Country and Free Speech. But it is being Eroded Day In and Day Out by Selfish, Self-Centred People who are Hell Bent on Ripping Off the Whole Country. Say something out of Place in Ireland these days and you “Will” end up Answering to the Gardai or Worse Still in the Courts. I could Wright a Books but where is the Point. What a Person needs in Ireland today is “Plenty” of “Money” and you can “Say” and “Do”whatever the Bloody Hell you “Like” Absolutely Depressing and Extremely Sad. ps:- Pearce and Cononley and Collins etc are Probably Spinning in their Graves.

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