Bridge’s Of Hope Christmas Party 2018.

On Wednesday 20th December 2018, Bridges Of Hope, (boh) Held their Christmas Party in the Hideout Pub just off North Circular Road here in Dublin.

This Christmas party wasn’t only open to the volunteers but to anyone who had supported (boh) over the past so or year including people who had cooked for them for their weekly stall. This stall is open every Saturday Evening from 7:30 to 9:30pm on North Earl Street, Talbot Street, here in Dublin City.

There was plenty of entertainment to be had at the hideout pub for this special occasion including a DJ, Karaoke, with support of a charitable hair shaving event there was also a good supply of hot fingered food and snacks.

This Christmas Party was well attended by most of the volunteers who on a weekly basic give up their free time every week so they can help the homeless victims who are caught up in this homeless crisis which sadly doesn’t seem to be getting any better here in Ireland.

There was plenty of dancing and good banter to be had on the night and one could feel the Christmas cheer even the local’s who drink in the hideout pub didn’t seem to mind that their local pub was been turned into a good old party.

Image Credits: Prime Bling.





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