Bridges Of Hope At Work Part 9 & Acknowledgment List.

Last night Saturday 21st July 2018 at the weekly feeding and clothing station which is operated by Bridges Of Hope, (boh) just off North Earl Street & Talbot Street here in Dublin saw a huge increase of service users turn up for help at the weekly stall. Even before we set up at around 7:30pm there was a big queue already queuing looking for some kind of assistance either some hot homemade food, items of clothing, sleeping bags, toiletries, etc etc.

There was plenty of food on hand just as well as the crowds just kept arriving keeping all the volunteers on their toes and very busy indeed. Food which was donated by various volunteers, business, and people in general included home made Dublin Coddle, Bacon & Cabbage, Pudding & Sausages, Spaghetti Bolognese, Chicken Curry & Rice, Cooked Turkey & Ham, Sandwiches, Cakes, Bread, Bread Rolls, Chicken Burgers, Crisps, Cakes, Biscuits, plus plenty of Tea, Coffee, Pot Noodles, Hot Chocolate, Pasta Bake, and plenty bottles of water.

(boh) Would like to thank all of their volunteers who volunteer every week and some of the ones who turned up last night and they include:

Tara McCarthy:

Davina Reilly:

Pat McConnell:

Sinead McConnell:

Wesso Hanrartty:

Pamela Devreux:

Elaine Hennsey:

Micheal McAdam:

John O’Donnell:

Tanya Tyrell:

George Ivers:

Craig Murphy:

Colm Fogarty:

Craig Anderson:

Joey O’Neill:

Aoife Nic Eochagain:


Big love & Thank you to all volunteers listed above if we missed anyone we are sorry we will get you for next post.

Big Love & Thanks To Supporters, and People Who donated last night & they include:

Madigan’s Bar & Lounge:

Inner City Helping The Homeless:

Janet Murphy:

Priscilla Grainier:

Again if we missed anyone we will get you in the next post.

Can you help (boh)? We are looking for volunteers to help out every Saturday on our weekly stall on North Earl Street, Talbot Street, for two hours every week, have you got two hours to spare? Please get in touch with us or just show up on Saturday at stall. We are also looking for donations of hot, cold food, tents, sleeping bags, clothes, bed linen, toiletries, bottles of water, etc etc You can telephone (boh) In Dublin ( North Side ) on 085-812-5434, or South Side on 085-1282-546, If you have no transport we can arrange to have it collected from your door, thank you.

Image Credit: Prime Bling.

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