Bridges Of Hope At Work Part 8.

Its Saturday 14th July 2018 and Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide is busy one again as we join Bridges Of Hope, (boh) on their weekly stall giving out assistance to the victims caught up in the homeless crisis that modern Ireland sadly has today. The weekly stall is set up on the corner of North Earl Street & Talbot Street facing Madagan’s Pub. (boh) haven’t even got time to take all the donations out of the van or cars when a large crowd of people appear seeking some kind of assistance.

The volunteers are in good supply tonight as there is at least 20 of us, There is also a good supply of hot food including homemade chicken curry & rice, pasta dishes, spaghetti bolognese, Dublin Coddle, and a large donation of cakes, and bread come in. There are also plenty packet’s of biscuits, bottles of lemonade, and crisps.

There is also a good supply of tea, coffee, pot noodles, sandwiches, snacks, bottles of water, toiletries, sleeping bags, tents, blankets, and items of clothing all donated & collected by the volunteers. Also donations come in from various business donating them to the volunteers who without fail bring them into the weekly stall every week.

It’s great to see donations come in to the stalls every week in large amounts but it doesn’t matter how big the donations are they don’t last very long as it would appear by the amount of people seeking help that there are now more people homeless or becoming homeless in Ireland today.


The minute we set up the last table and the food goes up loads of people from all walks of life’s surround us seeking something to eat. Young and old, Irish and non Irish take their place in the queue and receive a hot meal maybe their first one that day.

It doesn’t take too long less than one hour for most of the hot food to be given out to the homeless victims. Judging my their face expressions they seem to be in a happier mood now that they have eaten something hot and homemade. A lot of these homeless victims give positive feed back about the hot homemade food dishes they have just eaten and one young man compliments the food saying it tasted just like his own mothers home cooking.

The food stall is not only popular this evening there is a big increase in people looking for clothes, sleeping bags, and toiletries, and there was also an increase of people requesting to take some food to their hostels, B+B’s, ( the lucky ones who have a bed) so they can eat it later on or bring it to their family members who couldn’t make the weekly stall. After we have cleaned up and put everything away a young man approaches us seeking assistance informing us that he and his partner have just been given their own flat and neither of them don’t get paid till this coming Monday and that could we help with some food. By this time all the hot food was gone but he was given some non hot food items like biscuits, milk, etc to which he was very grateful to get them.

Bridges Of Hope would like to say a big thanks to:

Madagan’s Bar & Restaurant On North Earl Street.

Elise & all the gang up in the Iveagh Grounds Bar, Crumlin Dublin 12.

A Full list of volunteers and everyone who has donated to (boh) including all business will go up in the next article:

Image Credit: Prime Bling.

Can you help (boh) Help the homeless victims??? We are looking for donations of food items, items of good warm used clothing, sleeping bags, tents, toiletries, blankets, shoes, etc etc You can telephone them in Dublin North- side on 085-8125-434, or South- side on 085-1282-546 we can arrange to collect any donations from your home or business, Thank You….

(boh) are looking for volunteers to help them with their weekly stall on North Earl Street if you would like to give a couple of hours drop in to their stall which is opened every Saturday from 7:30 to 9:30pm or phone any of the above numbers thank you.

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