Bridges Of Hope At Work Part 6.

It’s Saturday 2nd June 2018 and Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide is once again out on the streets in Dublin helping the homeless victims who are caught up in this crisis. Bridges Of Hope (boh) As you may recall from previous post here on (PB) are a non profit charitable organization who on a weekly basic every Saturday Evening from 7:30 to 9:30pm on North Earl Street help to feed, give out essentials such as sleeping bags, tents, clothing, toiletries, food parcels, etc to people caught up in this homeless crisis.

It’s just gone 7:30pm when out of no where it would seem hundreds off people most of them homeless and living on our streets come to the weekly feeding stalls seeking a bite to eat and maybe something to wear and just to have a chat and check in with one of the many volunteers who on a weekly basic give up their time so they can help other people caught up in this sad homeless crisis.

(PB) Got talking to some of these people who depend highly on these services provided by (boh)

Mary * Not Her Real Name:

Mary has been stuck in the homeless sector for a staggering 16 Years. She was once married but her spouse died tragically in the last few years. Mary has up to three children but none live with her at the moment. Mary has some family living in Dublin and has reached out to them over the years but Mary is too proud to knock on their door all the time to seek their help despite her family welcoming her every-time she does knock. Mary lives on the streets with no particular preference to what door way she will end up sleeping in she just gets on with it. Mary thinks the service that (boh) Offer not only to herself but to everyone who turns up is totally amazing and feels without it her time on the streets would be worse than it is today. She went on to say just to see a happy and kind face that the volunteers have is worth the visit and to get something nice to eat and if lucky something nice to wear. Mary went on to say that she won’t take any item of clothing that is no good to her or that she wont wear why take it if you don’t need it she says that’s only wasting it when someone else could use them.

In the two hours that (PB) Was there last Saturday there were so many people seeking help from all different nationalizes young and old.

Unless you’re actually there and witness first hand just how bad the homeless crisis here is not only in Dublin but the whole island of Ireland one could think that the Irish Government may have it under control. But sadly one only has to look to see just how bad the homeless victims have it on our lovely Molly Malone Streets here in Dublin City and our towns and cities right across the country.

Can you help (boh)? You can become a volunteer or if you are having a clear out in your home and have spare items of clothing, tents, sleeping bags, blankets, and or food items,etc why not give them a call. Do you have transport? They may be able to collect from you if you live in the Dublin Areas for north-side phone 085-8125-434 or south side on 085-1282-546, or you can drop in your donations to their weekly feeding stalls in North Earl Street facing Madagan’s Bar, thank you.

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