Bridges Of Hope At Work Part 3.

It’s Saturday 21st April and Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite online digital entertainment guide is once again with Bridge’s Of Hope, (B.O.H, a non profit charitable organization who on a weekly basic help to feed the homeless. We are in for a heavy night of traffic with people seeking food and or clothing. Its just a little past 7:30pm the food stall is not even set up when people come from all areas seeking help. North Earl Street, just off Talbot Street here in Dublin City where the stall is set up every Saturday Evening is a real busy street. We see the regulars who come to the stall every week but we also see a rise with foreign nationalists seeking help.

 (PB) Got talking to some volunteers and homeless people this is some of their stories.

Anita Donnelly is a volunteer:

Anita has been volunteering with (B.O.H) for just over 1 year. She likes to help other people who need it. She would like to say to the leader of the Irish Government Leo Varadkar, Leo if you have a heart do something about the homeless crisis. And Leo if you took a hit in your wages then you may be able to do something for the people who are caught in the homeless crisis that modern Ireland has today.

Vanesa Hoare is a volunteer:

Vanesa has been a volunteer with (B.O.H) For about 1 year. She states it’s about time that the Irish Government come up with another plan to address the homeless crisis. There are not enough services for the homeless people on our streets. Because of other peoples situation on the streets Vanesa knows how lucky she is. After doing her weekly shift on the stall she goes away feeling great after doing her bit to help others.







Trevor is homeless:

Trevor is from the U.S.A and came to Dublin City about 9 Months Ago. He was living in a type hostel ran by a religious order but Trevor parted their company and found himself alone and homeless. Trevor went on to say that the homeless crisis situation in Ireland just sucks especially the system that involves the free phone for beds. You can phone them at 2:pm be in the top 10 with your call then be told that there are no beds available and to ring back 4:30pm. This can result in again been told to phone back again at 10:30pm as there is still no beds available and if this is the case a sleeping bag is offered to be collected from the Merchant Quay Project.

Trevor does not have a mobile telephone and at times has to ask strangers for a lend of their phone or sometimes he phones from a public phone box. Been homeless here in Ireland is very unstable says Trevor, Sometimes you may be given a bed in a hostel but like most hostels that itself can be another problem as they can be full of people with addictions. Trevor has a very bad fear about sleeping rough on our streets he has heard of horror stories inflicted on other homeless people including passerby’s, and or people been drunk peeing on people who are asleep in doorways.

Trevor went on to say that the services provided by (B.O.H) Is very nice and would use this free service on a weekly basic. Trevor also went on to say that the Irish Government needs to figure out a new system when dealing with the homeless crisis. In the U.S.A homeless people just turn up at a hostel and if there is enough room, and they are early they are admitted no messy phone calls. The only time they would be refused entry if they turned up drunk.

Trevor went on to say he has Irish Roots in his family that is why he came to Ireland in the first place.


Wesley Hanratty is a volunteer:


Wesley has been a volunteer with (B.O.H) On and off for the last 6 months. He likes to help other people and normally would give out items of clothing to the homeless. The Irish Government needs to look after the Irish Nationalists first before helping non Irish Nationalists. Wesley also thinks the Irish Government is failing the vulnerable people on the streets.

While (PB) Was out with (B.O.H) On Saturday 21st April 2018 up to about 200 people turned up at their weekly stall for help. In less than one hour all the hot food was gone and still some homeless people where turning up looking for hot food. Al-dough there was no hot food left there was still plenty of biscuits and plenty of tea, and or coffee, been handed out.

All of the volunteers who volunteer their services free on a Saturday Evening do so because they want to make a difference to people who are sadly living or trapped in the homeless crisis here in modern Ireland today in 2018. (B.O.H) is a non profitable charitable organization and they do not receive any kind of monetary donations of the Irish Government and or of any government funded agencies. All the food and clothing donations are brought in by all the volunteers who on their own time collect them from family and friends. Not only do they collect donations of their family or friends some even fund their donations in buying and cooking the food in their homes so they can give the food out fresh on a Saturday Evening to the homeless people. If you would like to become a volunteer and or would like to donate any food or clothing, items, etc please phone (B.O.H) In Dublin City on 085-812-5434. 

As mentioned above this is (PB) 3rd Saturday to be out with (B.O.H) As they do their best for all the homeless people on our streets. With figures hitting over the 200 mark last Saturday and (B.O.H) Running out of hot food in the first hour this is just the tip of the ice berg which sadly have become part of the Irish reality in the last 20 or so years here in Ireland. This doesn’t have to be like this there are plenty of empty houses and or flats scattered in and around our cities and towns that could be used. Its silly and shameful to have all these properties empty when we have a crisis with homeless and a bigger problem with people waiting to be housed. It doesn’t matter if the property is private or belonging to the local housing authority, a empty property is a waste.


All Images: Prime Bling.


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