Bridge’s Of Hope At Work Part 16.

It’s Saturday 19th January 2019 and once again we are out with Bridge’s Of Hope who on a weekly basic set up a feeding and clothing station on North Earl Street, Talbot Street, here in Dublin City to help the victims who are caught up in the Irish homeless crisis. The stall which normally starts at 7.30pm till 9:30pm, hasn’t even had time set up when people suddenly appear from out of doorways and lane ways seeking to get help. There are women who have children in prams out looking for help this evening. 

It takes a few minutes to set up both of the stalls as the rain isn’t helping the situation neither is the amount of people asking for help before there is time to set up. Within minutes of setting up up the tables hot homemade food dishes appear in their trays sending out a welcoming aroma into the otherwise damp evening air.

The stalls are up and running less than 45 Minutes when its estimated that around 200 people had already turned up looking for food and or clothes. The food on the stall this evening includes tasty homemade dishes such as Pasta Bake, Dublin Coddle, Chicken Dishes, A Fry, Vegetable Dishes, Spaghetti Bolognese,etc There was also a plentiful supply off Sandwiches, Chocolate Treats, Crisps, Biscuits, Snacks, etc with hot drinks such as tea, coffee, and drinking chocolate. 

Despite the heavy rainfall this didn’t stop anyone from coming out and seeking help. The clothing stall got hammered and many a people requested help with sleeping bags, heavy winter clothing such as Jackets, Shoes, Boots, and anything that was rain proof including Rain Jackets, etc , and things like what we take for granted such as dry clean socks, and underwear. Also given out were toiletries, such as tooth paste, brushes, facial wipes, shampoo, etc, etc.

By 9:pm most of the food was gone, and figures of around 300 to 350 people turned up for help there was also an increase in requests to take away food items in containers so they could be eaten later on that evening either on the streets or if they had somewhere to sleep such as a hostels, hubs, etc.

By the amount of people who turned up for help this evening it would appear that the homeless crisis, is not getting any better, but sadly worse despite it been the start of the new year and all the promises that the Irish government have been promising.

How Can You Help?

 Have You Spare Camping Equipment?

Maybe you have spare camping equipment lying around your attic, garden shed, and or garage that you no longer need or want. Items such as Sleeping Bags, Mats, Tents, Haversacks, Thermal Undergarments, Hats, Scarves, Gloves, etc Bridge’s Of Hope badly needs these items to pass on.

Why Not Cook A Dish In Your Home For Bridge’s Of Hope?





Why Not Become A Volunteer With Bridge’s Of Hope?


If you would like to become a volunteer with Bridge’s Of Hope, You can just show up on a Saturday Evening from 7:30 to 9:30, On North Earl Street, Talbot Street, Facing Madigan’s Bar & Restaurant .


 Or Maybe You Would Just You Like To Donate Some Heavy Winter Items Of Clothing.

If you would like to help with donations such as heavy winter clothing, food items, etc and you have no transport please phone 085-8125-434, or 085-1282-546 and we will do our best to have the donations collected from your home and or business thank you. 

Please note, as much as “Bridge’s Of Hope, Really appreciates donations of new and used clothing, as this is still winter, they are asking that all donations of clothing items be suited for only winter only, So anything like heavy winter Jackets, Boots, Shoes, Would be great thank you, As light summery clothing is no good to anyone for this weather, thank you.

Image Credit: Prime Bling.

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