Bridge’s Of Hope At Work Part 15.

With the very heavy rainfall we had here in Dublin on Saturday Evening gone, the 1st of December, one who didn’t have to venture outside could really just count their blessings. For the volunteers of Bridge’s Of Hope, The homeless outreach non profit charitable organization, who set up a weekly food and clothing stall on the corner on North Earl Street, and Talbot Street, It was business as usual. For the homeless people who rely heavenly on these services who can not afford to miss this weekly stall it too was business as usual for them.

Despite the very heavy rainfall hundreds of homeless people queued up from as early as 7:15pm to a little past 9.30pm seeking help with warm clothing and home cooked meals.

Most of the volunteers have brought something in to help the homeless people. On the menu we had Chicken & Pasta Home Bake, Hot Dogs, Chicken Curry with Rice, Stew, Dublin Coddle, Sandwiches, etc plus there was a good supply of Tea, Coffee, Soup, Drinking Chocolate, Bottled Water, Minerals, & Flavored Water, Crisps, Chocolate Sweets, Cakes, Biscuits, & Tubs Of Sweets. The amount of people who turned up seeking help was huge there seems to be a big increase of people seeking help week in and week out.

A lot of homeless people were looking for Sleeping Bags, Tents, & Rainproof Suits, which sadly there wasn’t enough to give out as donations of these items as well as warm winter jackets, have been very slim in the last few weeks this is possibly due to the server weather we are having here in Ireland and people are holding on to them for themselves.

What seems sad this week there are an awful lot of young babies and children out with their parents who are seeking help from Bridge’s Of Hope. The bad weather does not prevent them from seeking the help they need, the help seems to be needed its a simple as that.

I watched a young mum struggle carrying her baby daughter up Talbot Street in the rain, they were drenched but when they got to the stall all you could see was the mum smiling. She let it be known that she was living in emergency accommodation with her baby daughter and while walking up on to Talbot Street, she was unsure due to the heavy rain fall if Bridge’s Of Hope, Would be there at all, When she seen it was she actually smiled and thanked the volunteers who did their very best helping this mum with food and items of clothing for her and her baby.

If you would like to help ” Bridges Of Help, with a donation of new or used heavy winter Jackets, Thermal Undergarments, Sleeping Bags, Tents, Sleeping Mats, Rain Proof Suits, Stockings, Hats, Scarfs, Gloves, etc please get in touch with them. If you would also like to donate food items or would like to volunteer with them you can phone them in Dublin on 085-812-5434 or 085-1282-546, and we can arrange for the donations to be picked up in the Dublin and surrounding areas from your home and or business if you have no transport. You can also phone the numbers above if you would like to become a volunteer or you can just show up on a Saturday Evening from 7:30 to 9:30pm the stall is facing Madigan’s Bar & Restaurant.

Due to the very bad weather we are witnessing here in Dublin & Ireland, including the very bad heavy rainfall Bridge’s Of Hope, are asking if you are donating new, and or used, clothing, Could you please just donate for the duration of the Winter Months, Warm Winter Clothing, as there is no point sending in summer wear as they are to light for anyone to use in the bad weather thank you….

Image Credits: Prime Bling.

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