Bridges Of Hope At Work Part 14.

The outdoor street Christmas lights that hang up over Talbot Street, and lead on to North Earl Street, here in Dublin City,  Can light up ones mood when you take the time to look up at them especially at night time. We all know that in less than 5 weeks time Christmas Day will be upon us and those of us who have homes and or somewhere safe and warm to live know only to well how lucky we are. Its Saturday 17th November 2018 and its just a little past 7.10pm on Talbot Street, North Earl Street, we are again back out helping the homeless victims who are caught in this Irish homeless crisis most through no fault of their own. Bridges Of Hope (boh) the non profit charitable organization who on a weekly basic set up a feeding and clothing station are only setting up their pop up tent and already are been hammered by people seeking help and or assistance with some queries.

There’s at least 28 volunteers on the site tonight and despite this amount of volunteers everyone one of them are ran off their feet. In no time hot water has been provided by Madigan’s Bar, Tables Set up under the pop up tent, and hot and cold food appears. The food on offer includes homemade ” Beef Stew, Pasta Bake, Chicken Curry & Rice, Pasta & Cheese, Chicken Fillets, Turkey and Ham Slices, Mixed Salad, Sandwiches, A Fry, Egg and Mayo Filled Sandwiches, Chocolate Cake, Biscuits, Crisps, Bottled Water, Tea, Coffee, Soups, Drinking Chocolate, and mini choc treats.

It was a very busy night with requests for sleeping bags it was estimated that around 40 to 50 Sleeping bags were handed out such a big increase from the previous weeks this alone will tell you how many homeless people there are sleeping rough on our streets in doorways, tents, and or public places including boarded up flat complex’s.

Elaine Hennessy is a volunteer with (boh) and she went on to state that she was probably one of the first volunteers to come out and help Colm, when they first set up outside a hostel in the city called Cedar House. Elaine went on to say that she thinks what Colm is doing for the homeless is very inspirational and the spot where they are now on Talbot Street is much better than where they first started out. Elaine went on to say she is in recovery 3 Years and 5 Months and thanks to been able to volunteer with (boh) She feels she can give something back to others who are not so lucky.

Despite been only opened less than 1 hour and thirty minutes by 9:pm all the food was gone including the snacks, sandwiches, etc, etc. The clothing stall was also very busy with people looking for warm items of clothing including Coats, Rain Proof Clothing, Hats, Scarves, Gloves,etc.

(boh) Don’t receive any kind of support from the Irish State and rely heavenly on their volunteers who on a weekly basic bring in donated items of clothing, food, etc, If you would like to support (boh) by becoming a volunteer or you would like to donate food items, and or warm winter clothing such as ” Water Proof Rain Suits, Hiking Boots, Camping Equipment example Backpacks, Tents, Sleeping Bags, Sleeping Mats, Thermal Under Garments, Hats, Scarves, Gloves, Wellington Boots, etc please get in touch with us. You can phone us on 085-812-5434 or 085-1282-546, and within reason we can arrange to have it collected from your home, and or business thank you.

Image Credits: Prime Bling.

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