Bridges Of Hope At Work Part 13.

For anyone visiting Dublin City on Saturday 13th September at around 7:30pm may remember it in a little bit more detail because of the very hard rainfall we were having. For anyone who happened to be passing on Talbot Street, Facing Madagin’s Bar, at the same time would of seen the very large amount of people standing around some without any protection from the rain waiting to be looked after. A few cars can be seen pulling up and everyday activity suddenly bursts to life. Tables are set up and gazebos are erected around them to offer some form of protection from the heavy downfall of rain. Hot food is laid out in various pots, pans, serving dishes, sending an welcoming aroma into the cold damp air.

The people who are busy setting up the tables are all volunteers from an non profit charitable organization known as Bridges Of Hope, (boh) who on a weekly basic give up their time to help people who are caught up in the Irish homeless crisis that modern Ireland sadly has today. Within minutes of setting up the food and clothing stalls requests from various people who are caught up in this crisis began to tickle in. The food on offer tonight include Dublin Coddle, Lasagna, Chicken, A Fry, Sandwiches, Cakes, Crisps, Biscuits, Snacks, Bread Rolls, with hot drinks including Tea, Coffee, Soups, and Drinking Chocolate.

The clothing stall is very busy and gets hammered. Most of the people who are requesting clothing are looking for heavy clothing such as rain jackets, heavy jackets, jumpers, shoes, gloves, hats, tents, sleeping bags, tents, sleeping mats, bag packs, and rain suits. Judging by the sheer amount of new faces seeking help it seems that because of the sudden change in the weather many more homeless victims are reaching out to be helped. It’s heartbreaking to watch so many people come to the stalls every week but the colder it gets the more that turn up.The food stall is hammered you can see the peoples faces change from despair to happiness after they have something nice hot to eat and drink and in most cases just someone friendly to talk to.

A lot of the homeless victims are requesting to take away food parcel’s to take back to their hostels if they are lucky enough to have somewhere to go, others are talking them so they can eat them later on that night while they are bedded down in a shops doorway, a public lane way, or in some cases a tent.

The rain is not helping the situation but nobody is complaining the clothing stall is feeling it the worst as there is not enough gazebos to go around and there is a constant worry that some of the clothing items will get wet. Most of the homeless people who ask for the clothing are rough sleeping and have no where to wash or dry any clothes so giving them wet clothing is not ideal.


Its Saturday 13th October 2018 and its just past 9:00pm the rain has eased of a little bit but its still fairly wet, we have seen a lot of people looking for tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, etc and we have given out a good load of hot food, sandwiches, teas, coffees, soups, etc Also there has been an increase in requests looking for warm items of clothing including winter jackets, bag packs, and water proof suits, etc.

(boh) Are a non profit charitable organization who run a homeless stall every Saturday Evening from 7:30 to 9:30pm on Talbot Street, here in Dublin, they receive no monetary donations from any government funded state agents and rely heavenly on the goodwill of their volunteers and friends of (boh) for the donations they get every week, can you help them help others? We are currently struggling and are looking for donations of food items, good warm heavy clothing items, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, tents, back packs, toiletries, gazebos, pop up tents, etc etc, Can you or your business help??? Please telephone us on 085-812-5434 or 085-1282-546, and help us spread the love, thank you. We can arrange to have the donations collected from your home or business if needed thanks or you can drop of yours at the weekly stall on Talbot Street any Saturday Evening from 7:30 to 9:30pm thank you again!!!!!!

Do you have a business that could sponsor a pop up tent, and or maybe some crowd controlling fencing pieces, if so we would love to hear from you. You can arrange to have your business name or logo displayed on the pop up tent and or the fencing thank you.!!!!!!!!

Image Credits: Prime Bling.

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