Bridges Of Hope At Work Part 11.

Last night Saturday 8th September on Talbot Street, here in Dublin City, Bridges Of Hope (boh) the non profitable charitable organization who help feed the homeless victims caught up in this crisis set up their weekly feeding and clothing stall. Last night saw (boh) return back to a Saturday Evening and even before any of the volunteers had a chance to set up they where nearly mobbed by the large crowd of people seeking help. The hot food on offer included Pasta Bake, Soups, Chicken, Curry, and hot drinks including tea, and coffee. There was also plenty of snacks including homemade cakes, sandwiches, crisps, biscuits, chocolate bars, all served by a friendly face.

The clothing stall was very busy and last night giving out warm items of clothing and thanks to the party revelers who were at Electric Picnic, (EP) Last weekend here in Ireland (boh) where able to hand out a good supply of sleeping bags, tents, ground mats, after been given access to the site by (EP) Promoters, after the weekend event. (boh) would like to thank the promoters of this event.

If you would like to help (boh) in any way by becoming a volunteer or donating hot or cold food items, camping equipment such as sleeping bags, tents, etc Items of warm clothing including Thermal undergarments,socks, etc, or normal items of clothing including warm heavy jackets as the weather is getting cold again, Jeans, shoes, boots, trainers, etc etc please get in touch with them by phone on 085-812-5434. If your having a clear out from either your home or business and you would like to donate your items and you have no transport phone them and they will collect them from you, If you would like to become a volunteer please show up on any Saturday Evening from 7: 30pm to 9:30pm on Talbot Street Facing Madigans Bar, and St Anne’s Bakery, Thank you.

Image Credit: Prime Bling.

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