Bridgefoot Residents lash out at (DCC ) over site

Locals Hit Out By Alan Finn.

Local residents living in and around Bridgefoot, in Dublin 8 Ireland, have lashed out concern after it emerged that a patch of land that was to be used as a public park, is now to be a site for modular housing.

Local residents and local business have been in talks with the Dublin City Council ( DCC ) for nearly three years, and were told that work would begin on the park later this year.
The area which is just of Thomas street, here in the Liberties, Dublin 8, has been the center of planning and only this year it emerged that Bridgefoot Street, would be become a park, for the local people.

Bridgfoot Park campaign, succeeded in having the empty site rezoned to Z9, area aka a recreational use only. It would now appear that (DCC ) have or may be trying to use emergency powers to bypass zoning requirements and develop the site.

The development on the park was due to take part at the end summer as part of a scheme which is known as ” Greening Strategy.
Also due to take place was Consultation workshop, this was to get the local community involved with the design of the park.
The Consultation Workshop was cancelled with a few days notice and locals were then informed that the site was under review for development.

The area around Bridgefoot has the highest population density, in the state and also the lowest amount of green spaces in the city.

According to the World Health Organisation, that every city should have a minimum of 9sqm, of green space per resident, the Liberties have only 0.7sqm, and if you look at other areas in say example Dublin 4, Ballsbridge, and Dublin 6, Ratgar, they have 15sqm per resident, almost double the requirement, and they live less than a four mile radius.

The Local residents and local business won’t be going away quietly, #Save Our Park, Bridgefoot Park , will be hosting a public pub quiz fundraiser, Next Friday 19th August 2016, in the Stoutmans Pub, James Street, Dublin 8.
This event has hosted by ” Jack Roche, who is no stranger to the Libertise area, Jack Roche, runs a green grocer shop, in Meath Street, Dublin 8.
it will cost you €5.00 to enter or €20.00 per table, there will also be spot prizes on the night. It starts at

Image Alan Finn.

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