Anthony Jeselnik Gig Review By Craig Anderson.

Anthony Jeselnik Delivers the Laughs at the Tivoli Theatre Dublin.

­­­Sunday the 2nd of September saw Anthony Jeselnik cause quite a stir at the Tivoli Theatre with his Funny Games World Tour. For those who don’t know Anthony Jeselnik or his style of comedy, all I can is; DO NOT WATCH THIS MAN IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED!!

Jeselnik’s material includes a large number of subjects considered ‘taboo’ by society. Dead baby jokes and abortion jokes being only the tip of the iceberg. Jeselnik played a sold-out show at the venue, with over 600 people attending, or as Jeselnik put it:

“600 people came out to see me in Ireland, I feel like the Pope!”

The show was in the Tivoli Auditorium, which thankfully had a ‘free seat’ policy when it came to seating. I managed to get into the fourth row of seats, which gave me a perfect view of the opening act and Jeselnik.

Like most comedians, Jeselnik held an opening act to both gauge the audience reactions to things, and to give them a chuckle before the main show. Jo Welch, a stand-up comedian from Normal, Illinois (A place she confirmed as ‘shady as the name sounds’) had the crowd in stitches with her own brand of humour.

Jo Welch’s set, which lasted 30 minutes, included such topics as: lesbianism, threesomes, tinder, the Women National Basketball Association of America and the horrors of adulthood. The humour was offset by her hilariously serious tone of voice and manner.

After Welch’s set and a 15-minute interval for people to refresh their drinks and use the bathroom, Jeselnik made his appearance onto the stage, immediately causing the entire theatre to burst out in laughter with his comparison to the Pope who on a recent visit to Ireland (Who as we all know, fell short of his ‘modest’ 500,000 attendance for Mass).

Jeselnik’s brand of humour, which is done in a similar tone to Welch, was reinforced with his dark humour. I personally had to wipe tears from my eyes when he confessed to his love of dropping babies (Which neither myself or Prime Bling endorse!!) and his entertaining twists on the current state of American politics.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Jeselnik, he has a variety of appearances on the web and on television, including the Roast of Donald Trump, his special on Netflix and numerous YouTube videos that can cause anyone to laugh.

Jeselnik’s claim to fame is his macabre sense of humour, mixed in with his deadpan and serious delivery style. Jeselnik did his research on Ireland, using such topics as the Pope’s recent visit, the recent Abortion Referendum, and even the Tuam babies’ scandal.

As I’ve said, his style of humour can be considered offensive to people who do not agree with subjects such as suicide, mental health issues and jokes about Alzheimer’s and Dementia disease. Personally, I find his form of comedy funny, though my rule with comedy is that nothing is sacred and all things can be taken the mick out of.

Jeselnik’s jokes had me in absolute hysterics, be it from the jokes about his family, to the extremely graphic jokes about visiting abortion clinics and the annoyance of religious neighbours.

All in all, the show was a fantastic way to spend a Sunday evening, and the only downside I can find is the low lighting in the Tivoli’s bar and the quality of their craft ale. As for the comedians, they were extremely funny, quick witted and in Anthony’s case, up to date on the goings on in our beautiful country.

For anyone with Netflix, I would recommend you watch ‘Anthony Jeselnik: Thoughts and Prayers’ in order to get a feel for his comedic styling.

Image Credit: Google Images.

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