A Dealers Story On Moore Street Dublin City

One doesn’t have to walk very far in and around some of Dublin’s Streets to hear and or see dealers selling their stock from their stalls. Back in the days when our mother’s wanted to buy any fruit or indeed vegetables she would of probably made her way to one of the best known streets that dealers would of been selling from either been Camden Street, Thomas Street, or Moore Street here in Dublin City.

Today we tend to do the same when we need to buy fruit or vegetables a tradition if you like. We are all out looking for a bargain and we all want good value for our money.

Moore Street, is one of those streets when you walk down you will hear some dealers before you see them. You will here slogans like Get Your Apples, Ger Your Potatoes, Tomatoes only one Euro, and so on. To hear the dealers shout their wares is something that makes you feel sort of at home well for us Dubliners as I said our mothers might have brought us to one of the most popular streets to get their bargains. We have a tendency of shopping in shops and or at stalls that are part of our past if you like and even just to stand there beside those stalls we are brought back a few years in a memory.

On Saturday 29th July Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide had the pleasure of meeting Angela who is a fruit and vegetable dealer on Moore Street for the past 50 or so years. Having taken over from her mother who in turn took over from her mother, Angela has been keeping the family tradition going and has seen so many changes on the streets including the very recent threat that developers want to develop the whole area and if that happens all the dealers who are still making a living from the street may be in danger of leaving their way of life behind.

Angela told (PB) When she started on the street there used to be at least 32 dealers and they used to be right up on both sides of the street today she would put a figure of about 20 and they may not all come out every day.

Angela normally starts her day at about 05.30:am gets her stock either from the nearby fruit market or gets it delivered by other dealers and by the time she sets up her stall its usually 09:am and she will stay out till about 5:30:pm five days a week in all weathers.

Angela has also seen a huge change with her customers there used to be loads of Irish people coming in and getting their few bits and pieces now a lot of her customers are now of a foreign national.

I asked Angela, is there anyone in her family willing to take over from her she replied no, Sure who wants to stand out in the nasty weather day in and day out to make a living. None of Angela’s kids are interested in talking over the business from her and more than likely when she finishes up her stall may go with her.

I asked Angela, what is her best selling product out of her two stalls she replied that when in season soft fruits are normally the good seller but everything sells.

Moore Street here in Dublin City is not only a street where one can pick up their weekly messages but a street that is connected to the Irish Easter Rising, In which in recent times saw a movement been set up called Save Moore Street after it emerged that the developers wanted to rip down the old buildings and develop it so far the Save Moore Street Campaign have at least stopped or slowed down the progress with a full on occupy that made not only national Irish News but The UK Media Outlets as well.

Moore Street is a street where one can walk down or use it as a shortcut to the nearby Lilac Shopping Center or take a walk down to Mary Street or Parnell Street, A hub for people wanting to shop for clothing and or going out for a meal.

Moore street is part of our history so we must keep it there and keep the traditions alive.

Image Credit: Prime Bling.com 

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